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Since 2003

Year Round Bicycle Services

Stix & Stones offers complete bicycle repairs and service, including complete bicycle assembly, tubular tire installation (gluing tubulars/sew ups), suspension service and race prepping bicycles.

The following services are the most requested.  Call today, we look forward to
serving you.

Bike Fit                                                                             $75.00 for 1st Hour $75.00/ each                  
                                                                                           additional hour

Flat Repair                                                                        $20.00 plus cost of tube, each wheel

Gear Adjustment                                                              $20.00 each der.

Brake Adjustment                                                            $20.00 each brake
Tune Up (mountain/road)                                                $125.00

Tune Up (bmx/single speed)                                          $60.00

Overhaul                                                                           $250.00

Wheel True                                                                       $20.00 each wheel

Wheel Build                                                                      $60.00 plus cost of spokes

Fork Overhaul                                                                   Determined by Mechanic


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