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Since 2003

Stix & Stones Cycling

Stix & Stones Cycling began in 2013 with a small group of riders that shared a similar interest in racing bikes. The idea was to introduce younger riders (high schoolers who race for the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League) to racing outside the High School League. Jake shared his experience in racing bikes for nearly 15 years to the young racers. Jake provided the mechanical support for the team and transportation to Northern California downhill races. The Team raced in the all black Stix & Stones Cycling jerseys and quickly began to gather respectable results and racers soon upgraded their respective racing categories.

Three years later, most of the original team is still together. Shane Trento races Professional Downhill and Enduro races during the summer. He also races for the University of Colorado, Boulder collegiate cycling team in the Fall. Elliot Benson races Cat 1 Downhill and Enduro races throughout the summer and also races for the University of Colorado, Boulder collegiate cycling team. Alec Pasqualina currently races for the Giant Co-Factory race team, racing cross country and cyclocross. Jake Otsuka races Downhill and Enduro in the summer, Cyclocross in the Fall and occasionally Cross Country in the Winter and Spring.

Stix & Stones Cycling has developed into a team with official sponsors and a development team. Teammates travel to most races together and share race experience to make each other faster and smarter racers. The development team's goal is to introduce younger riders to riding and racing with an emphasis on proper riding technique and a sustainable progression of skills, fitness and trails. Younger riders can develop amazing skills and remain healthy at the same time.

We are always looking for racers to join the Stix & Stones Cycling Team. Call or e-mail Jake to discuss your race resume and qualifications to join the team.

2018 Official Sponsors of Stix & Stones Cycling

7 Protection                                    7 Protection

Spank Bikes                                    ixs Sports

Ride 100%                                       Schwalbe Tires

2018 Official Financial Sponsors

Renaissance Club Sport-Walnut Creek

Stix & Stones Cycling is always looking for sponsors to represent. If you would like to  Sponsorship inquiries can be sent to 

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